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StratusScape Security Manager

Gain unified eMail, content, messaging and collaboration security across the enterprise and in the cloud with a single security management and orchestration platform on-premise or hosted in the cloud as a SaaS service for your Domino, Sametime and QuickR.

Full Console Support for Native Web Browsers and Notes Clients

Comprehensive Collaboration Security - Email, Messaging, Applications

Security Manager for Lotus Domino provides comprehensive protection for your email infrastructure from the latest security threats. In addition, Security Manager incorporates powerful content filtering and cleansing technology to identify and limit distribution of confidential information.

Unified Policy Management

Write a content or security policy once and deploy it to one or more Security Manager enabled collaboration services.

Advanced Malware Protection

StratuScape “Multi-Scan” provides the broadest defense against the latest viruses, bots, and emerging threats.

Data Leakage Prevention

Advanced filtering technology detects and cleanses confidential information before getting a chance to leave the organization.

Enterprise Platform Support

Supports Enterprise Linux (SUSE, RedHat, zLinux), AIX, Solaris and Windows 64-bit

Native Domino Support

Security Manager for Lotus Domino runs on the Lotus Domino server monitors all in-bound and out-bound email, scanning attachments, MIME, and Notes Rich Text to discover hidden malware contained within an email message. Unlike other solutions which integrate with Domino at the SMTP server and miss all Domino to Domino email exchanges, Security Manager’s direct integration with the Domino API ensures comprehensive coverage, even detecting insider threats.

“Multi-Scan” Malware Detection Pooling

Security Manager multi-scan allows you to pool the expertise and malware detection capability among up to three anti-virus engines. Today’s threats are morphing faster than traditional anti-virus companies can keep up, yet signature technology is still a critical component to a complete defense. Each Anti-virus vendor has their own strengths and weaknesses in threat research, with multi-scan pooling technology you can maximize you coverage without significant impact to system performance. – Support for command-line and API integration

Advanced Content Filtering Templates, Custom Filters

Protect from PII and data leakage across your collaboration infrastructure, Security Manager provides a number of predefined customizable filters and enables you to develop your own library of centrally maintained filters that can be deployed across different email, application and messaging services for global enforcement and consistency.

Customizable Alerts

Security Managers's alert system allows Administrators to define or customize specific alerts and triggers to match their security policies.

Role-based Administration

With role-based administration, tasks can be delegated to different experience levels allowing enterprises to maximize resources.

eMail Security

Provides comprehensive email protection from the latest exploits.

Compliance Templates

Pre-defined compliance filter packages provide sets of content filter templates designed to make meeting regulatory compliance (ex: HIPPA, SOX, GLBA) simpler.

Add-in Modules for SameTime, QuickR, and Twitter

Built on the StratuScape Platform for Collaboration Security Management, you can extend Security Manager to coordinate security across your collaboration infrastructure. With the Security Manager add-ins installed you will be able to monitor your collaboration environment for exploit patterns, detect data leakage in motion, and manage unified security policies across the collaboration environment.

Full Support for Native Notes Clients: Client Console View

Pre-defined Reports, Fully Customizable Reporting

Security Manager provides a number of pre-defined reports for the most common information security management and compliance reporting needs. Administrators can also create their own customized reports or purchase pre-defined report packages.

Designed for MSPs and Hosting Providers

The StratuScape Platform for Collaboration Security Management, was designed from the ground-up to support multi-site and multi-tenant management. MSPs can host their own instances and orchestrate security,  policy management, and enforcement across multiple sites of clients. All while ensuring data remains secure and separate from other clients, to meet Today’s compliance requirements. Ask us about usage billing capabilities to provide more options to enterpise organizations to effective manage costs based on demands. 

Continuous Change Tracking for Audit and Compliance

The StratuScape Platform for Collaboration Security Management, maintains a continuous change-log by user across all security configuration, server, policy, alert, content filtering and operational changes related to the platform and across supported security services to provide a comprehensive queryable Audit Log, to ensure operational visibility and tracking to meet security controls and systems action compliance, and regulated industry change-log management requirements such as FDA CFR Part 11.

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